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AJ Hackett is a famous entrepreneur known for extreme sports as the bungee jump. He was inspired from Vanuatu tradition and also from the Oxford University experimental dangerous jumps during the 1970s. Bungy for the Vanuatu was a tradition to throw them down from very high places as towers with vines tied to their ankles. Nowadays it is a more safe sport but still dangerous with a lot of precautions to be taken, you must forget that it is an extreme sport. Hackett formed a company group which now famous in New Zealand and in the whole world. He has two companies in New Zealand in Queenstown and in Auckland. The town of Queenstown is also popular for the bungy jump organised by AJ Hackett. AJ Hackett Group offers five different bungy experiences. Hackett offers jump in other places in the world too as in Germany, US, Mexico, Australia, France, Macau and Indonesia. In France he jumped himself from the Eiffel Tower on 1987. He is the one who developed and elastic cord which is a super stretchy cord during the year 1980, it is with this cord that he made a demonstration in Paris. The famous places known for bungy jump are The Kawarau Bridge, The Nevis Highwire, The Ledge Urban and The Ledge Urban Sky Swing.



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