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Kawarau Bridge is a well known bridge in Queenstown New Zealand, the famous bungy jump is organised by AJ Hackett on this bridge. You can see on the picture how the people are prepared to jump from the bridge, the bungy jumps is a extreme sport made for those looking for adventure and adrenaline. You can see on the picture how high the bridge is. Kawarau Bridge is also known in the world by all those who like this extreme sport. From the Kawarau Bridge you will be able to make a jump of forty three meters. To be allowed to jump from the bridge someone need to be at least ten years old and weight minimum thirty five kg and maximum one hundred thirty kg. You will be jumping over the Kawarau River which flows from the Lake Wakatipu. The river is famous for jet boating, water rafting, boogie boarding. The Kawarau Bridge is popular and is the first commercial bungee site in the world. If you want to try some extreme sport you can give it a try when you visit Queenstown, but be very careful. But AJ Hackett also offers bungee jump in Auckland on the Auckland Bridge. But if you find these sports amazing you can also accompany the group as spectators.



Milford Queenstown Kawarau Bridge




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