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On this picture you can see old sockets hanging along the fences of the road. It has become a hobby in some part of New Zealand for the New Zealanders to hang their old shoes, old sockets, and old boots along the road and has become now a tourist attraction. There are even places where you will see a collection of old bras; it is along the Crown Range Road Cardrona. There are also fences with old bikes hanging on it. This is a thing to absolutely see while you are travelling in New Zealand. In the future New Zealand will maybe become very famous for hanging shoes, sockets, and bras and so on along fences. It is already an attraction to tourists which is also the case in some part of Canada and US. New Zealand is a country with a lot of attractions, it a magnificent place with fabulous scenic views on both North and South Islands. You will not regret you vacation in New Zealand.



Milford Queenstown Old Sockets




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