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Paraflights is one of the activities you can try in Queenstown, New Zealand. This sport requires no experience and is allowed to all ages. Paraflight can be done all the year around; the view from up is fabulous even in summer or in winter. Parafights NZ will organise you a flight in the air. You will just need to get in your harness and let you guided over Queenstown and the lake of Wakapitu. You will fly over the lake without getting wet. It is a relaxing activity. You may fly alone or choose to fly with someone. You will be able to admire the beautiful view from around six hundred foot above Queenstown. The resort town as it considered has numerous activities proposed to tourist and New Zealanders as sailing, biking, mountain biking, bungy jump, golf, fishing, hunting, sightseeing tours and visit of museums and heritage sites of New Zealand. Queenstown and Milford Sound are pleasant places where you will be able to spend a relaxed holidays. Both main Islands of New Zealand offer you beautiful scenic views and large number of accommodations. Do not miss to visit New Zealand and discover how the people live in this country.



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