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The clock tower is located in the town of New Plymouth. It is situated on the corner of Queen Street and Devon Street. Not far from the clock tower there is the White Hart Hotel a beautiful historical building. New Plymouth is a beautiful place to visit, it is the main town of Taranaki region, and it has a population of around 70,000. The White Hart Hotel is a very old building. The first house on the site was built in 1844 by Mr. Rundle; it was a six room house. It only became a hotel in 1859 and in 1886 it was put in auction; the “new” White Hart Hotel was also constructed the same year. The Hotel is located 124, Devon Street West New Plymouth. The White Hart Hotel is a great place to reside when you are visiting New Plymouth. The town has a large number of activities and lot of places to visit. New Plymouth offers to tourist a large number of accommodations.



Mount Taranaki Clock Tower




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